All in one Project Management Cloud

Project Management | Task Scheduling and  Work Breakdown Structure | Resource allocation | Risk Management | Stakeholders Management | Project Expenditure Planning and Costing | Document Repository | Time Tracking | Attendance Management | Employee Scheduling | Expense Tracking | Issue Tracking | AI enabled Performance Reporting

All in One Suite

Manage all of your Project Resources, Schedule, Budgets, Costs, Time Tracking, Team Attendance, Scheduling and Issue Tracking

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing designed to address variety of business needs.  Choose either bundle plan or subscribe to any individual cloud app. Downgrade or upgrade as per your business needs at anytime.

Dedicated 24x7 Support

Dedicated technical support staff available on 24x7 basis. No chatbots based support. Always get real time support from our team of technical experts.

Help for Self Employed Professionals

All features of Coexsys Project Management cloud are also available for Self Employed professionals, Solopreneurs and Freelancers for one affordable bundle plan.  Whether you are a Self Employed professional or an Enterprise.  We have got you covered.

Support for Project Managers

A complete platform for career Project Managers to track and manage Projects of various types, size and scale.

PMI Standards

The Coexsys Project Management Suite has been built as per these best practices governed by the PMI Institute.

Manage Projects, Track Labor and Non Labor Costs, Schedule, Risks using the Project Management Cloud
Manage all your Projects in one place in a searchable, interactive and intelligent platform for all types and size of projects.
  • Project Budgets
  • Schedule Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Change Management
  • Teams Calendar
  • Tasks Management
  • Risks Management
  • Stakeholders Management
  • Performance Analytics and KPI Metrics
  • Project Workbench
  • Kanban Planning
  • Task Scheduling
  • Real time Project Performance Reporting
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Attendance Tracking

  • Daily Clock In/Clock Out
  • Duration/Working hours logging
  • Missed Time Entry
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Time Off Requests
  • Workflow based Approvals
  • Regular, Overtime, Break Time, Meal Time entries
  • Attendance Reporting
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Attendance Tracking Page to record shift clock in and clock out hours
Time Tracking Cloud

Project Time Tracking

  • Log working hours for Projects
  • Timekeeping
  • Workflow based approval
  • Overtime accounting
  • Retro Adjustments
  • Track Labor costs
  • Budget v/s Actual Analytics
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Project Expense Tracking

  • Expenditure Budgeting by Project or Tasks
  • Track non Labor costs
  • Workflow base Expense reports submission
  • Expenditure Spend Analytics
  • Reports
  • Multiple Approver levels for Expense Reports
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Expense Tracking, Expenditure Budgeting, Track Expenses using the Expense Tracking Cloud
Track Project Issues using Issue tracking cloud

Project Issue Tracking

  • Log Project or Task related Issues
  • Track bug fixes, enhancements
  • Issue Prioritization
  • Workflow based approval
  • Case management
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