Shift clock in and clock out

Introducing Complete Attendance Tracking Cloud

Manage and schedule Work Shifts and track attendance of your employees in work shift hours.

  • Daily Clock In & Clock Out.
  • Track Break and Meal times separately
  • Geo Fencing to prevent buddy punching
  • Duration based shift hours for Exempt employees

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Missed Time Reporting
  • FMLA and PTO Reporting
  • FLSA Compliance
  • Compliant with all 50 states.

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Clock In and Clock Out Console for all types of Attendance Tracking needs

      • Daily Clock In & Clock Out
      • Ideal for Non-Exempt or Hourly Employee
      • Report Missed Time
      • Separate Tracking for Break Time and Meal Time
      • Geofencing and Buddy Punching Controls
      • Compatible with most Mobile Devices & Tablets
Clock In and Clock Out Time Entry
Setup Work Schedules using Employee Scheduling

Schedule and Manage Employee Work Schedules, flexible shifts, midnight cross-over shifts

      • Create unlimited Work schedules
      • Flexible Work Schedules
      • Intermittent Work Schedules
      • Create once and assign to any employees
      • Scheduled work hours with Actual hours worked analysis

Track working hours based on duration of hours worked

      • Ideal for hourly, exempt and salaried employees
      • Suitable for office centered or desk jobs
      • Track break and meal time separately
      • Support for Overtime hours
Log Working Hours
Time Card Approvals

Managers, Approve all time cards from one place

      • Comprehensive Approval Workbench
      • Full visibility to Employee's time cards
      • Missed Time Reporting
      • Feedback loop

Introducing State of the Art Supervisor's workbench

      • Single window to access all time card activities
      • AI driven alerts for unreported absences
      • Manage all time card events from one place
      • Planning tool to plan ahead for Employee Work Schedules
Supervisor Approval
Attendance and Time Tracking Reports

Attendance Tracking Reports

      • Built in Reports for complete visibility
      • Exportable into Excel and PDF formats

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