Why Do Projects Fail?

So, Why Do Projects Fail? Has this ever happened to you that you started a project with a well-discussed plan but yet it ended up failing? You thought of every possibility that could go wrong, and still, there were delays, deadlines, and out of resource problems, etc. Being motivated and determi ... read more

Addressing Human Behavior Aspects In Managing Employee Time

Employee productivity, morale, and customer service are at their highest when a team works together and manages their time correctly. However, it suffers when employees do not take project deadlines seriously, are often absent, take leaves, gossip, and cannot manage their time correctly. Pointin ... read more

Dos and Don’ts of Managing Remote Employees

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have shifted their operations to full-time work-at-home. Although working from home is a massive convenience to most employees, it burdens the project managers as they have to put in extra effort to keep track of their team. Since the firs ... read more

Why Your Business Needs An Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Managing employee attendance and timekeeping is one of the most difficult challenges employers and business owners face. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and keeping accurate records of their working hours, shifts, and leave is critical. Indeed, it can make a significant difference i ... read more

The epic conundrum of using Employee Scheduling Software

Are you a business owner looking for the best ways to check employees’ schedules, manage their payroll, and avoid conflicts? If yes, the best way is to equip your business with the right employee scheduling software. Although this software has lots of benefits, sometimes, there is a dilemm ... read more

What Is Time Theft, And How To Prevent It?

Did you know that employees who steal time cost businesses $50 billion each year? Time theft in the workplace is a common and expensive issue. It takes years for employers to find out that an employee is stealing time. The longer it goes on, the more expensive it becomes. Small differences add u ... read more

Project Expense Tracking

Effective Project management is a skill that can take years to master. And this ultimately requires the appropriate planning and execution wherein the budget plays a crucial role. Project expense tracking is one of the crucial aspects of getting it all done right. Here’s all you need to know abo ... read more

10 Guidelines by FLSA every Attendance Tracking Cloud Software must follow

Attendance tracking cloud software must follow the FLSA guidelines that lay down the rules for minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and child labor. What Is Attendance Tracking Cloud Software? Employee Attendance Management System is being used by more and more companies now that the work ... read more

How does a Cloud-Based Task Manager work?

Project Task Management on cloud-hosted software has never been easier. Before we learn how a Cloud-based Task Manager works, let us first learn its features and benefits. What is a Cloud-Based Task Manager? Data management in every company, big or small, is a huge task. Cloud-based task managem ... read more

The Ultimate Guide to Integrated Project Management in Cloud Computing

The popularity of Project Management in Cloud Computing has sky-rocketed in the past decade. Around 60% of companies use cloud computing solutions to manage daily affairs and boost productivity. What Is Cloud-Based Project Management? Productivity has been the driving force behind Project Manag ... read more